Candidate Secures A Project Lead Officer Role With Buckinghamshire County Council


Hello Keji,

If you scroll to the top of this private message area, you’ll get some context for what follows.

With regards to the set of interviews referred to in our earlier exchange, I have been offered the role of Project Lead Officer for a 1st September start. Although I could not access DBT mentoring at the time or have a one-on-one with you, I found the training, project meetings and working on the few aspects that I could in the short period I had been with DBT quite invaluable at the interviews. Although I will not require DBT to provide me with a reference, (because my application predated my relationship with DBT), I was still able to refer to DBT, the work it was doing and the frameworks it was using and how it was using these to deliver its projects. All good stuff.
I will continue to enhance my PM skills at DBT and also develop what BA skills DBT enables me to. (I scored 28% and 26% for PM and BA in the personality test and although I had aimed to focus mainly on PM, I have found myself in a BA role with one of the DBT project teams).

I look forward to the interesting journey ahead and thank God for providing the job and enabling me to access DBT’s hands-on approach at such a critical juncture. Thanks for your drive and innovation. I am happy to be part of the DBT community.

(I’d like for the employer to complete their checks and references before making a formal announcement).

Best regards,

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