Candidate Secures A Project Manager Officer Role With A Leading UK Bank


Here’s another success story

Hi Keji,

Hope you are well?
Just to let you know that I just secured a role as PMO Analyst with one the the UK leading bank in Canary Wharf.

Rotimi Ige was my mentor and she’s been fantastic all the way. One of her mentee Tunu, secured a job with the same bank few months ago and she practically held my hand all through the process. I will definitely recommend her as a mentor.

Sleepless nights of joining calls, anchoring raids meetings, getting involved in setting up PID documents, joining multiple calls at the same time and having CV reviews with Rotimi, multiple calls and practice sessions with Tunu has now paid off… I slept differently last night after the job offer came through.

Joined DBT in November and gave myself 4months for the transition. It was a tough one as I have a very demanding job but I was dedicated towards the actualisation of my goal – To be a PMO analyst!

I was at the DBT award night and presented awards to DBT candidates on the night – not sure if you remember what you said when I told you I was attending the award night “smart guy, how did you do it” but hey, that was a push for me as I know I want to be able to motivate others at some point and be awarded as well.

DBT is doing a fantastic job in transforming lives as I just can’t believe that I have just doubled my salary with this opportunity. When I say doubled, I mean DOUBLED….!!! as I was on a good salary on my old job working in finance.

Thank you DBT Team, Thank you Rotimi and Thank you Tunu.

I will like to remain anonymous or simply refer to me as Daniel 😉 and will confirm if Tunu too does not mind. Thank you.


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