Candidate Secures A Project Manager Officer Role With Cagpemini


This is what success looks like….


I have just been offered a consultancy role with Capgemini to Gods glory

Thank you

Its a permanent Pmo analyst position

Thank you, the contract is being sent out today, so nothing has been signed yet. I also have DBT as my most current job so ill need a reference

Thanks a lot. As for my story, its really long o, lol

I officially joined DBT in May 2012, haven stumbled on an ad on Facebook. I had already acquired my Prince 2 Foundation and was already sending out applications (rather stupidly in hindsight) as all I knew was based on the manual. The first interview I attended quickly exposed my inexperience as I actually started well but suddenly lost confidence when I was asked to explain for example, ‘where I managed the expectations of a key stakeholder’. It was obvious to me I needed practical experience, so discovering DBT was actually God sent.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t utilize what I was learning as shortly after, I had problems renewing my visa, as a result I put all things Project management and job applications aside in order to sort out my immigration issues. Fast forward a few years, I re-enrolled with DBT as I had already seen enough during the 1st phase to indicate I was absolutely in the right place. I quickly joined projects like The Professional, Equalizer and Money Train, taking up various roles ranging from report lead to PMO lead, making use of all the resources at my disposal, watched the video tutorials over and over and made notes on all the different topics. I loved every minute, because I was actually doing all I knew in theory, in essence, ‘getting my hands dirty’.

Finally I was privileged to join the Programme Office as a Coordinator where I combined core Coordinator tasks with PMO Analyst related tasks (Thank you Nda). That for me was the missing link, as I still struggled up to that point to fully understand and appreciate how things worked at Programme level, for example, Portfolio management, prioritising tasks based on changing priorities etc.

May God bless you Keji and continue to uphold you. I say a heartfelt thank you to God for his grace and help in seeing me through so many challenges and giving me my own ‘success story’ as I have just been offered a position in Capgemini as a PMO Analyst. I was literally in a dead end job, going nowhere fast. I will also like to say thank you to Maria, for her support and encouragement.


The interview was in 3 phases…telephone, face to face and finally a face to face with 2 Programme Managers at their HQ which included a presentation on the importance of a PMO to an organisation and how i can add value. Followed by a Q&A.
The feedback was really great, i was not only able to CLEARLY EXPLAIN things, i was able to relate it with real life experiences. My financial management skills were a bit lacking but it was clear i already knew and applying 70% of what was needed

As i ve been encouraged and inspired by so many success stories

*cant stop smiling* THANK YOU KEJI.


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