Candidate Secures A Business Analyst Role


That golden smile says it all. Success stories like these are what they are made of:

“Well, the story goes like this: Joined DBT in November 2015. after listening to Keji on a 3 day taster webinar session on being a BA/PM; an invite I got through facebook n my emails- how he got my emails I do not know till date and now am really keen to find out.

After asking friends n folks if they have heard of CI as I like to at least get some evidence before parting wt my hard earned cash to do just another training. All feedback says the platform works but I have to be ready to do the work. I had to then commit to 4 wknd training in Manchester from the Midlands. After d training which finished in d first week of December… I was busy wt my current job as it was a busy period for us and I decided to give it my all come January.

Since then till date I have eat, drink and even go to bed with DBT and my life has never been the same. My kids now feel Daddy now work with a new company that start operations at night and their usual play area is now restricted from 6:45pm. I started by joining meetings and I clearly remembered the first time I spoke and everyone said oh that was a good idea… That’s was it.

At the time all effort to get a role was not forthcoming and I took to Basecamp to pour out my anger… and I got lots of responses full of encouragement. Then I joined Exodus2 project team which was later halted, then BMP Limitless & HT focus…after listening to their presentations on the Sponsors meeting. Joining teams gave me a feel of the amount of work n time and I challenged myself to at least do this for me.

I worked in various roles from minute taking to writing reports (CI Empire), to being a Deputy Planner (CIA Sherlock FBN) and a BA by proxy (Dispatcher) and also joining in other projects that catches my fancy. I am highly indebted to the DBT family for all the support and appreciate the unparallel hand holding we give one another on this platform.

The sacrifice is huge to really get grips of things and I know the challenges at times makes u want to give up but keeping the focus and and end goal supported by success stories I believe helps to pull through. I can’t remember the last time I went to bed at 10pm as I had to do the needful to get a bit above average the reason for joining the winning team. Most things I learnt at d Uni and through previous work experiences now came under full test on this platform where u have to constantly think before u speak during meetings and especially in collaborative sessions where Keji has the best brains come together to achieve a common goal.

I cannot but give thanks to colleagues that’s been supportive right from d start of the training grounds in Manchester office Mama Hawk and Ayo Nunu (Trainers), Ese (Money madam) Sophia and the Manchester team of eight. Also, Olatunde Kazeem, Yemisi, Didi, Yvonne, Neks, Shirley, Fola, Afam, Judy, Olu, , Olakunle, Ruth, Irene, Gloria, Bola Jacobs, Caroline, Ursula, Babs, Akinola, Adeola, Grace, Iyebosa, Nobo and lots more team mates that d space won’t allow to print but I have been privileged to work with on different tasks- Thank you.

My sincere gratitude also goes to my mentors who worked tirelessly with me especially in the last two months.. Starting from Olyne Edmunds (BA Originale), Adeshola Cole, Dan Asuzu and Chidi Nwabueze… you guys are most wonderful and am thankful for all that you have done… May the Almighty continue to bless and protect you and your household (Amen). I cannot forget but mention inspirations drawn from Ola Ememmerah ( Seasoned BA by genotype), Jide, Oludare, Emmanuel Adenuga and all the CI Alumni that held sessions on the platform sharing their experiences at DBT and their work places.

it’s all worth it bcos the knowledge gained is ‘Agile’ in practice as the learning are increamental and becomes a viable and bankable product in the end- now I believe u have to be in it to win it. I encourage us all to continue to participate in projects and do the extra of pushing your boundaries in your learning as that what comes handy at the very important interview. Lastly, I’ll like to say thank u very much Mr Morenikeji and the true meaning of your special name is what this platform does. Apologies for the long story but it’s very much needed to encourage others.. This platform truely works. Thank you all..”


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