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Wow!!! A fast paced 5 months!!!
First I must give thanks to the Lord who has shown me favour and blessed me according to His Grace!
I got on board the DBT train in November 2015 and quickly got involved in 2 projects. (iPlanner and HT – Focus) and finally the Programme Office. It was quite fast paced with lots of ups and downs but well worth it!!!
I started applying for jobs in late January and was initially discouraged as the responses were not pouring in. I kept at it and now YES YES and YES!!! I have landed a Project Manager Role with a top Management Consultancy firm.
DBT was quite an experience for me. I made the move to this country in June last year and not being such a novice to Project Management; I did land a couple of interviews. The story was always the same…no experience in the UK and interpretations of experience differ. So no offers made.
A dear friend encouraged me to join the DBT platform and I soon understood why…. the frame work is explicable and very concise. The templates used are standardised and commendable anywhere in the world
The first part of this interview was a group exercise; where team work, your personality and leadership skills were the keys to standing out. The second part was a scoping exercise for a system integration project (ha ha ha) before the actual one to one stage with the directors of the company.
My candid advice is learn the ropes and apply them, get dirty and remain focused on your goal.
As the DPM for HT – Focus, especially during challenging times; I got direction and support from the then Programme Manager, Nda Sokomba who just did not let me give up!!!
I had a fantastic network of colleagues such as Shakoor and Femi Agangan to mention a few.
And of course, my very own mentor….Mama Hawk…. Adeshola Cole!!!


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