Candidate Secures A Project Manager Role With Maersk

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I have polio on my right leg, it’s something I’ve been dealing with since I was a young boy in Nigeria, it affected my life on a major scale and dictated every decision I made.

I joined DBT in August 2015, after being recommended by my dad and uncle Olu.

Took me a while but I called up, eventually paid for my training and attend the week intensive course.
I travelled down from London everyday with my crutches. I was trained by Ayo who was fantastic, Keji popped in for half a day and trained us, and said the same thing he says to everyone. “Get your hands dirty” “Get involved”.

On the Wednesday I joined transcend campaign and volunteered to take minutes. I was eager to learn so no task was too small.
In two weeks I was the deputy minutes lead. I took that role seriously and treated it like I was getting paid. I used my stakeholder management skills, learned from meetings with Keji and the rest of the team. I began to volunteer to do status updates to the programme directors, write and help out with reports and just actively being involved.
The remote working with DBT removes so many barriers.

In a months time I was recommended as project manager for transcend campaign by my DPM Olusola and I accepted the role without thinking twice, even though the project was In the implement and test stage and I had no prior experience.

I enjoyed my time managing transcend and look forward to it restarting in the future, I had a great team, (Olusola, Samuel, Victoria.O / Victoria A, Helen, ebun,
Nike, Cfine, Abiodun, Edward, oyin to name a few) it really is about sharing knowledge and trying things whether you know them or not. Not doing it right the first time doesn’t mean you don’t learn how to do something, and also ensures you don’t make the same mistakes again.

I also participated in testing with CI – referral system 2. Which allowed me to gain experience within the test cycle.

In November 2015 CI-Sherlock was born (now CIA -Sherlock CI) and I applied to be the project manager has transcend was halted, I was hungry for more, the knowledge I gained prior was great but oh! I wanted more, I wanted to be able to get into an interview and speak confidently because I knew what I was talking about inside out.

Few days later I saw an announcement on basecamp and I was announced as the project manager.
I set my self a goal that by April, the month of my birthday, I will have a job, and I prayed on it.
Since then I have put my all into CIA-Sherlock, through the ups and downs, the sleepless nights, the wonderful use case diagram that has kept us awake for nights. To nights on the phone with Sylvia, going through our interview questions. I attended mentoring sessions with Keji, Rotimi, Foluke, Adore, senior BA’s, Jide and all mentoring sessions I could get into.

In February 2016, I went for an interview for a job with a digital agency in Bristol, got to the second stage where I met the director, the interview went well, I was able to answer all questions confidently, but when it came to offering me a role, they couldn’t, as they were just acquired and there was a lot of financial politics involved.

I was unhappy, but I didn’t let it discourage me, I continued to apply for jobs, attend interviews and pray daily.
On Wednesday the 27th of April 2016. I attend two interviews, one in London in the morning and another in Bristol in the afternoon, on my coach home I received a call from the digital agency I had an interview with in February telling me about an opportunity for someone to look after their Maersk account, start in London for a few months and move over to bristol shortly after. They wanted me to meet their head of strategy at 8am the next morning and as I would be working with him, if he liked me then the job would be mine.

So I put on my finest suit, went on the Maersk website to familiarise myself with what they do and I wrote down what I thought they would need for this project, e.g. Robust CRM solution as they are a large organisation who require a good back end to manage operations and internal activities.

I woke up bright an early, got there 20 mins early and caught him during breakfast, I must admit this was bold, but I was very keen.

We met, and it wasn’t even an interview, he literally asked me about me and what I like to do outside of work. A few questions about what I want from the role but nothing I expected.

2 hours later I received an email with an offer for a Project Manager role. They know about my condition, which has improved a lot since my training last year and will make adjustments where necessary to accommodate this. The programme I will be managing will run for 2 years. So 9 months at DBT resulted in a 2 year fixed role for me. I have accepted their offer and will turn down the other 2 but even being able to say that, is something to be grateful for.

I’m ever so grateful Keji, I pray God continues to bless you, and use you to create opportunities for others. I hope this inspires someone has all the success stories I read daily inspire me.

I won’t mention my name, however most people will know by the contents of my story.

Thanks again Keji

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