Candidate Secures A Project Manager Role With Shell


Shouldn’t we be celebrating you too?

Before the end of 2015 make sure we share your success story just like this candidate.

One of our candidates just secured a project manager role with Shell.

Yep you heard right!

What we do here is not easy. We are quite mean when it comes to making you earn the right to use our company name on your CV.

1. You have to complete a one week or four weekend intensive training program.

2. You have to complete the e-learning course with an 80% pass rate. That’s takes around 8-12 weeks while you are gaining practical work experience. Looking for a get rich quick scheme and you’ve come to the wrong place.

3. You have to do the work and deliver the projects you are working on. That requires a lot of stakeholder engagement, long hard nights staying up, constant meetings and delivering countless reports.

4. You have to select a mentor and you are not allowed to apply for work until your mentor ticks you off as ready to apply.

Why do we do this?

1. So you can secure a high paying PM or BA role within a short space of time.

2. So you don’t get fired within weeks of securing your first role due to incompetency.

3. So you can pave the way for others by joining our mentoring program and adding value to others.

The results:

A PM or BA role with a blue chip company earning up to £11,000 a month.

Think it’s too much work?

Then you are not welcome here.

Think you have what it takes?

Then our doors are wide open and you are more than welcome to join our 3000+ strong ecosystem of project managers and business analysis professionals.

We are not cheap and it’s not an easy ride but £759 incl VAT for you to earn up to £11,000 a month is pretty well worth it don’t you think?

You deserve a success story like this:

Success Story:




Hi Boss, my name is XXXXXXXXXXXX. One of your candidates and a very active one.

I came for my training last week in March 2015 when I knew my company was having problems and most likely redundancy is in the air.

I did 1 week intensive training and started rolling in the mud straight away. To cut the long story short after listening to all compulsory CDs and all session with help of my mentor and hard work without giving up. I started applying for job. Got lots of interviews but with help of Almighty God and people around me in DBT, 1 came through for me.

The company is shell. He ware is the company doing background checks on their behalf. They are doing a background check for me at the moment.

Really appreciate. Almighty God will continue to prosper you in Jesus name. All round favour for you in Jesus name.

Thanks for your support while I await your response.

Project Manager
ES Web Governance


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