December 2014: Candidate Secures A Project Manager Role With The Ministry Of Defense

MODHello keji,

Here is another success story to add to your ever growing list of success stories on career insights. I have just secured a role as a Project manager with the Ministry of Defence UK and I am over the moon at the moment. Firstly, I will like to thank God almighty and your humble self for creating this wonderful platform which has helped people fulfill their dreams and reach our career goals.

I joined career insights in December 2013 and attended the 4 weekend training session that ran through the Christmas period of 2013 until Jan 2014 after being introduced by a very close friend who also secured a very lucrative role as a project manager earlier this year. Prior to this my background was predominantly in the legal sector and though I had the Prince 2 Certification since 2011, I just couldn’t secure a role as a project manager. I joined career insights to get hands on experience working on live projects and was particularly impressed with the way yourself and Ayo Nunu took time to explain both the PM and BA side of things.

Immediately after my training I joined the project Pacific Rim and even though I struggled to get a role or task assigned to me, I attended a lot of meetings (Raids, BA, Planners e.t.c), asked questions when I didn’t understand something and took down lots of notes. I was also part of Wellness, Great Gatsby and Need For Speed but got my first role within DBT on CI Wall Street project.  My strategy was to give my all to one single project but it seemed the projects I was involved in were always temporary halted such as Great Gatsby and eventually CI Wall Street in August.

After a couple of months with DBT, I knew I was ready as my goal was to secure a role before the end of this year, so I prepared my C.V and the calls from recruiters started to come in on a daily basis. I attended a couple of interviews where I was rejected, but tried not to get frustrated as I knew I would eventually secure one. I remained calm and after each interview I carried out a review on what I thought I did well and where I needed to improve, this helped me grow in confidence for the interview I attended with MOD where I was offered the role.

At the interview I was very relaxed and confident, that my interviewers were very impressed. The interview lasted for over an hour and I was assessed on both my PM technical and soft skills. The interviewers were particularly impressed with DBT’s PMO framework and how it was applied across all our projects.

I will like to say a big thank you to the entire DBT family and will also like to encourage people to keep digging in and getting their hands dirty, that dream job will surely come. There is no better place to gain so much knowledge and skills than at DBT.

N.B: Can you please keep me anonymous.



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