Candidate Secures A Project Officer Role With NHS

Monday Job Offers!

We start the week by celebrating two job offers this Monday.

Good afternoon Keji.
I have been offered a conditional offer from NHS professionals as a project officer(flexible worker) to support projects.


I joined DBT in September 2014,while i worked full time as a civil servant and finally left this march 2016;after 14 years.(Phew!!!). It was tough working full time /managing a home but it has been an awesome experience. There has beeb tears;laughter and of positive conflict. But above all, I give God the glory.

I worked on various projects
suxh as money ball. Legacy. CI-Contact. Pixel. Legend and I am still active on current projects.

My mentor (Tayo Richards) has been fantastic and others too numerous to mention but they know themselves.

I start off with this job,however I will still be on the look out for more challenging roles. So please do expect to hear from me and I am still part of this great organisation called DBT,because I wouldn’t have known a thing about project management.


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