Candidate Secures A Project Planner Role With Ringway Group


My Success Story
I joined DBT in June 2015 without a  PM experience though I acquired my Prince2 practitioner in March same year. I joined at a time when I was at a low point in my career having not worked for more than 5 years. I attended the 4 weekends intensive training and I took a lot out of it. I watched my videos and every other thing that I needed to do and then…I went back into my shell until I met my mentor, Adeshola Cole who brought out the best in me. In her words “Elizabeth, don’t be too laid back, get involved. She started with the DBT framework which I can now sing like a school rhyme. I got involved in a lot of projects..CI-CS I, CM-EXODUS 2, TRANSFORMERS, REFERRAL 3, and project LEGEND to mention a few.
The Interview
Let me also state here that I didn’t apply for this job, I was just called upon by a recruiter. After the initial telephone conversation, he scheduled me for the interview and I had less than 24hrs to prepare. My first interview question was “tell me about DBT in 2mins and that nailed it for me. As this will be my 2nd interview since i joined DBT and 6years without a job, I didn’t want to take it for granted so I went all out for it.  I went from what we specialise in to planning to reporting to my PID documents to raids management to stakeholder management to change management. I talked about everything….everything back to back. By the time I finished, there was nothing more to ask me because I held the interview for about 9 minutes, I took control of it and didn’t give them any chance to ask me further questions. When the issue of salary came on, that gave me the opportunity to  renegotiate and they danced to my tune. I want  to say this wouldn’t have been possible I had not given myself to it by doing everything possible.
Thank you Keji for creating this platform and allowing God to use you. I am so grateful. A big thank you to my mentor, Adeshola Cole. Thank you for the interview prep and the calls. Thank you for believing in me and  not giving up. Thank you for bringing out the “me” in me. God bless you. To my Legend family, thank you, you guys rock. Thank you Remigius Ibe for giving me the chance and for the kinds words when I felt like pulling out. This story won’t be complete without my wonderful friends Peter Adesoga, Theodora Ojeke, Bolaji Adewale and Mojisola Ezekiel-Hart. Thank you all.

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