April 2015: Olu Secures A Project Planner Role With Network Rail

logo-network-rail-largeHello Keji

Finally I can write my own success story God is GREAT and thank you Keji for the wonderful platform you have provided.
I joined DBT in May 2014 although at the time I was not sure what I wanted to focus on in terms of Project Management; but after my first week of intensive training  I knew I wanted to be a Project Planner.
I quickly focused on that and to be honest it was rather very challenging when you have a wife and kids whom wants to spend time with you but you choose to attend meetings almost everyday of the week, any parent will know what I mean.
Today I have been offered a Project Planner position with one of UKs biggest property owner it can’t get any better.
Although I invested time, time, time and more time + money to learn and develop myself ready for the golden opportunity and it has finally come.
I will like to say a massive thank you to the following people with whom I have worked with and learnt few things, I remine greatfull:
Fola Oguntoyinbo
Ndifreke Joseph Etok
Ngozi E. Wakama
Olaitan Inekuku
Juliet Njepu
Kind Regards
Please keep this anonymous for now

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