Candidate Secures A Project Support Manager Role

She just changed her career path and pay package.

This is her success story


Good morning Keji
Hope you are good
I’ve secured a Project Support Manager role with ******
Pls i want the Organisation to be confidential for now

So, this is my story….

I joined DBT in April 2015 – one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I got involved in a project at the time and it was later halted. This kinda demoralised me as that was the only project I was involved in (lesson learnt). Along the line, i called Adeshola Cole aka Mama Hawk after reading some of her posts on the general PM/BA platform. I told her my story, my fears, my struggles, my zero confidence and my concern with my accent lol and she listened so patiently even though I hadn’t qualified to choose a mentor at that time. That chat I had with her that evening literally changed everything. She advised me on how to get involved in projects & tasks, shared her own experiences and how she succeeded with no prior knowledge in project not to talk of me that I’ve got an IT background. She made me see the bigger picture and re-instated that burning desire I initially had when I joined DBT. Her inspiring, supporting and encouraging words awakened me.

So I got involved in more projects, started doing more tasks, attending mentoring sessions from all the PM mentors. So, when it was time to choose a mentor, I choosed the best DBT mentor – Adeshola Cole and I became one of her 1st set of mentees. There was never a dull moment with Adeshola, she’ll bombard her mentees with ebooks, sharing interview questions and tips, group mentoring session, always replying to messages with all my queries and she’s just so passionate with what she does which my interviewers were quick to commend me on – I guess I inherited this from her.

I started applying for roles when she okay’ed and certified my CV. I resigned from my IT job and then got immersed in all the things I needed to learn and started applying for roles, making an average of 20 applications daily. And the trying moments began, I wasn’t receiving calls, Agencies’ weren’t returning my calls either. But I kept pushing, I kept sending personal messages to almost all the DBT candidates that shared their success stories this year and I was taking all their experiences on board. I became more serious with my spiritual life too. Fast forward to March ending, the calls started rolling in. As Keji would always say, get yourself ready and be well equipped so when the opportunity finally calls, you’ll be able to grab it with both hands. That’s exactly what happened here.

My interview was two face-to-face. Honestly, I went in there like this is it, I just have to secure this role and because I’ve had that intensive real work hands-on experience at DBT, God coloured my efforts with success. The interviewers were supper impressed with the knowledge I’ve gained at DBT and they told me it’s almost what their project environ looks like. To the Glory of God, I’ve just been offered the role.

My sincere thanks to you Keji for providing this wonderful platform, my super mentor Adeshola Cole @ Mama for her top-notch mentoring, Rotimi Ige – she says things as it is with her powerful sessions, Tayo Richards – the PMO boss, the YOC team, Kemi Krs, Ben Ukoh and to all the DBT Mentors and candidates for holding those sessions. Truly and truly, looking back now, it worth all the learning, all the pains and all the midnight brainstorming.

Does DBT work? – 101% YES. My salary? – extremely good  And this really, is the beginning of my greater height in the Project Mgt world by the Grace of God.

One piece of advice, don’t get scared with job titles when applying for roles, look at the job spec as you will be so surprise its just all you’ve been doing at DBT. Bless you all.

Please, they requested a reference from DBT.

And it is a 1 year rolling contract.


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