Candidate Secures A Project Support Role With Deloitte


Be inspired this morning because you will get there some day soon. Introducing the BOSS in town. Candidate secures a project role with Deloitte.

Read his success story:
Hi Keji,

I joined DBT in March this year. It was a God-found opportunity as I have been interested in project environment since 2011, so imagine my excitement when I found out about career insights. Thank God He crowned my efforts in 3 months as I got an offer on the 30th of June.

I currently work with Deloitte and really wanted to remain there as one of the Big Four. About the same time as I started at DBT, volunteering projects came up within the firm and I applied myself both in DBT and at Deloitte. I used DBT templates in producing, project briefs, wireframes, etc and my managers were well impressed with the documentation.

To cut the long story short. I got a Project Support Officer Role, which is pretty much everything project related as the job spec has BA, Planning, Project Management, Project Co-ordination, department representation in firm-wide events among other things.

I would like to remain anonymous please.

I would like to thank God for making it possible to get a job in 3months and also BIG thank you to you for this amazing opportunity.

I’m still dazed at how God has excellently timed everything!


How did he do it?

1. Our PM & BA e-learning platform with performance tracking KPIs

2. An intensive weekend or one-week classroom training program.

3. A robust collaborative environment giving him the opportunity to to work on live tech driven projects, use and master industry standard tools and most importantly

4. The addition of a personal mentor who used to be where he was and now where he needed to be has made it all possible.

5. It’s the same story for over 30 of our candidates each month who secure PM & BA.

11694126_10153390720349043_4781242201999666498_n 11403133_10153390720484043_3923603264835188652_nI have also attached screen shots of those who recently qualified for mentoring through our e-learning platform. They truly deserve to be celebrated.

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