Candidate Secures A Project Support Role With The NHS

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Please don’t forget I want to remain anonymous as I have another interview lined up for Friday 💃🏽💃🏽

I joined this amazing platform on 30/05/2016. Did the 1 week intensive course… I have since joined a few projects. My first ever task was taking minutes. After that I was deputising as a project coordinator and immediately got involved in a lot of report writing tasks and project planning. Jide has been a WONDERFUL mentor who took his time to put me through interview prep. Amazingly most of what we discussed was asked and of course I aced it and wowed them with my answer. Before the end of my interview the lady was already speaking like I had been offered the job. It is a project support role with the NHS. I have been asked to come in and also train their staff 😳😳. Amazing platform. My ultimate goal is to be a digital project manager and I am well on my way there.

Forgot to add. If I could achieve this in just less than 2 months, I can’t wait to see where I would be in the next 2 months. The Eco system definitely works but only for people willing to work hard


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