Candidate Secures A Regulatory Business Support role at HSBC


IMG_7456So this is me with Lola, AKA The Fall Guy 3 weeks ago (first African to embark on a round the world flight) cruising on our mentors yacht preparing to sail, when I got one of my favorite candidates WhatsApp message followed by an email with her success story.

Now you are probably thinking…. Why is he showing us a picture of him on a yacht?

Because I am on one and I just had to share this success story.

Oh! I also want you to know I am having a blast this weekend after working my ass off since landing in Nigeria 4 days ago.

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Because I am a show-off! It’s no secret!

Now let me show off this amazing success story

Women rock!




Hi Keji, Hope this meets you well?

I just wanted to use this opportunity to share my good news and success story very briefly. I just secured a Regulatory Business Support role at HSBC just a few months after my Lloyds bank data mining role….remember? I am absolutely thrilled as I always wanted a role within regulations and Derivatives in Investment Banking and this will involve working on various regulatory related projects.

So I received a phone call directly from the HR team at HSBC just over a month ago about the role which after reading the job spec I knew I wanted it badly. I was invited for an interview and feedback was great so I got invited for a second interview with more senior stakeholders which also went well. I will not be doing justice to this success story if I don’t mention the fact that knowledge acquired in DBT helped in my interview so I am very grateful to God that.

I would like to thank you for this platform as the information available is amazing. Also a shout out to my Oscar project team and my Syndicate family…you rock!

Lastly and quite importantly can you kindly keep me ANONYMOUS for now please? Also you will be contacted shortly for my reference at DBT.

Kind Regards,

Anonymous Dude


Remember when I told you this:

You can either read a new success story every day or let someone else read yours.

You are either fed up of us celebrating someone else’s success story or someone is fed up of reading yours.

Either way, there will be a success story everyday or every other day.

Join us or be a spectator. The choice is yours!

Right now, our ladies rock and they are killing the PM Market within the banking sector.

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