Candidate Secures A Role As A Business Analyst


Hi Keji, my name is xxxxxx xxxxxx. I started off being active on this platform by joining the ES Influencer Marketing Project. During this time, I was asked to write a highlight report, unfortunately, I didn’t know where to start, and the fact that I was working long hours did not help either. However, the support I had was encouraging.

If I was to offer any advise to anyone on the platform, I will say to them, to please, ask for support when unsure, about how to approach a piece of work.
I continued to attend meetings. Following that, I joined the BMP – Limitless project, BMP – In House and CI – X Files project, where I worked alongside some amazing people, who were very dedicated and committed to their respective projects. We worked hard together, occasionally working till 5am. I will like to encourage everyone to keep believing and to know that the outcome they expect will happen. I also received tremendous support from my mentor. She is truly inspirational!

I was offered a Business Analyst role. recently, I am grateful for the platform you which has helped a lot of people like me, to take the next step forward in life, and to actualise what we set out to achieve. I’ve been inspired by you.

May God continue to bless you.

For now, I would like to remain anonymous.

Thank you so much!!!


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