Candidate Secures A Role As A Project Manager At Northampton Firm


I joined DBT in January, finished my training and joined projects like FBN Sherlock, DigiAfric news app and First bank app. Project management was a new career path I chose. It has been an intense journey but I set my goals and was determined to make it.

I started applying sometimes in June and I applied for a PMO role in northampton was called in for the interview 2 weeks ago was the only one short listed for the PMO role, last week Thursday I was invited back to meet the programs director, the meeting was fantastic and I was able to walk the, through many of the processes I’ve learnt at DBT.

2 hours later got a call back to hear that the director said I had much more to offer than a PMO role so I was offered a PM role.

Found out on friday that I will be managing a project that the budget is a 9 figures and the first figure is not a one.

I’m totally chuffed and I could not have had the gut to go for it without all my experience In DBT . I start at the end of the month and I looking forward to real life experiences that I can bring back and share with you all.


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