Candidate Secures A Role With RS Components And App Now Live In Irish, UK And B&Q Stores


In one of Africa’s most populous countries, they have a popular saying:

“I don get alert o! God win”


Meaning….. I have gotten good news, Thank God.

You see, the success stories coming in everyday are more or less expected because our candidates can’t put in all that work and not have the experience and job offers to show for it.

We know that’s what separates Career Insights candidates from their peers however when we start to get ground breaking breakthroughs like the ones attached on this post, we take a bow and show nothing but the utmost respect to those that go above and beyond what is expected of them.

As much as I will like to share the identify of this gentle man, I cannot based on request.

All I have to say is this:

You can do the impossible only if you choose to give beyond what is expected of you.

Join us, let’s make a success story out of you too.

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