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Hi Keji, good news!!!!!!

I have just been offered a Salesforce developer role with a a company called ninegroup (

My journey is a bit unusual. I am a pharmacist by training and have been practicing in the UK for about 4years with Lloyds pharmacy chain. I had a go at computer programming many years ago when I did my university dissertation (computerisation of hospital pharmacy using Microsoft Visual Basic and SQL). Recently a friend introduced me to Salesforce and I just fell in love with it. I studied it for 3months and practiced with a free developer account while still working in pharmacy. I attempted the first dev 401 exam on December 24th and failed, I then quickly sat the exam a month later and passed. I got a voluntary job with shonet systems and worked from home for 6months.tt1 I then started to apply for jobs and had several interviews. In one of the interviews the CEO of economic change London told me that if I had the experience of working in An Agile environment, she would have given me the job. At this point I had already referred my mentor (patience Alaebo) to DBT and she had already finished her training and was doing work experience with DBT. I spoke with her and she advised I definitely come to the training to understand what working in an agile environment is. I came on January 18th and finished a week later. I immediately launched myself on to then platform and the projects and 8weeks later chose Patience as my mentor. She immediately asked me to come up with a career plan, revisit my CV and start practicing interview skills. She introduced me to mind tools and other resources which were useful. I then updated my profile on LinkedIn with my agile and price2 experience and the next day I got an email from the HR manager asking if I was interested in a job in Gloucester (It is 25mins drive from my house). I replied back and she asked for my cv. The technical director rang me back straight away and we spoke for 30mins on my experience and what I was looking for. I didn’t need to oversell myself as we were having a proper conversation. He told me they had a guy who came to take this same role and although he was a good developer, he didn’t seem to understand what their requirements were and always developed products that were not useful to the organisation. I asked him if they have a business analyst in the company and

he said no. I then told him that that was the problem. If you don’t have a business analyst and don’t have a developer that knows how to elicit business requirements and translate such to technical requirements then you could have problems. This impressed him very much as we went ton to talk about the possibility of using Salesforce to develop a collaboration tool like Jira for the organisation. Anyway enough of the long story. I was offered the job after they had interview a handful of us. I start on the 3rd of May.

My experience in DBT has been useful here and having a mentor who works in a corporate environment came handy. I can not over- emphasise the importance of having a mentor. Patience Alaebo, my mentor was very professional, and motivated and encouraged me. She would ring me sometime during her lunch break to discuss tasks he had asked me to work on and feed back to her. She encouraged me to go through certain projects particularly the business case, high level and technical requirements, project briefs and then do a presentation to her on the particular document. The will then positively criticise what I had done.

Thank you very much for the opportunity. I feel like I have been given a clean slate to start from as I can always work as a self-employed pharmacist at the weekend when I want. Plus I have been told I can work from home on this new job.

One project I found very useful was Matrix project and the methodology that klinched the job was agile.please keep my company and name anonymous.

I have not been asked to provide any reference yet, but I they do I will
Come back to you.


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