Candidate Secures A Senior Business Analyst Role


Recruitment consultants keep asking why so many people applying for PM or BA roles keep coming from our parent company.

And we tell them to say…..

Who cares?

As long as the people coming can do the job and get you as a recruitment consultant paid your commission, then just do your job which is getting our candidates placed because they are fit for purpose.

Here is another success story.

“Good Afternoon Keji! It is me again!
I have got good news for you! I attended two interviews on Friday and I have been offered a contract role with a major bank as a Senior Business Analyst! 😊😊😊😊😊

Thank you so much for the CI platform and DBT. It is a key stepping stone for those who want to go far!
Please they would have contacted you by now for a reference.

Please I would like to remain anonymous but I am sure when I tell my story people who know me will know whose story it is😊.”

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