Candidate Secures A Senior Business Analyst Role With RBS


Joined DBT March this year after I saw a job advert within my company. I had all d requirements for d job (most especially domain knowledge) but had no clue what agile or waterfall methodology is, hence decided to get onboard the platform. During my intensive week you said ” I am not a prophet but I see you getting the role you want soon” you made a joke out of blessing someone I know who is also a BA or even my church but that I had to add a little bit of work. So I smiled and believed the “prophet” . ” Got my hands dirty” then went for my interviews in May and was offered both jobs.. I chose the senior one, started three weeks ago….. As I don’t need any references, its been a smooth sail… I want to thank very much OLYNE MUTAMBISI, she really is a rare gem, Toyin is also a good motivator and Vijay puts in the final touches. Thank you Keji and keep flying…….

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