Candidate Secures A Senior Business Lead Role With An Investment Bank


Hi Keji, hope your well, HBD LLnP. Another SUCCESS Story no 2. Anonymous please, Thnx.

I got a Snr Business Lead role at a Nice Tier 1 IB Bank recently. Going through on-boarding at the mo’.
The finance industry evolves fast especially in management where I wanted to stay.

I joined in Oct 2014 and got involved with reports in Matrix, Unstoppables/HMC project as PMO. Then joined Referral System 2 as Project Manager (dep).
The Management learning curve for the PM/BA was challenging but worth it.
The ecosystem, networking, tutorials and videos are excellent, Keji.

A Big Thanks and Well done to you. The ever shining Otillia, Vijay, Adore + Ben.
Chidinma (Referral system 2), Funmi + Bode (HMC) amongst others. It’s great being part of DBT


ibib 2


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