Candidate Secures A Senior Credit Analyst Role With An Finance Company


My advise, don’t be too hard on yourself. Your entire experience has brought you to the next best stage in your life.

Nothing to regret just enjoy the experience of living in the now that will soon become the past yet again.

No point dwelling in the past when the past is always once a present never to become your future.

Your future is what you are gaining experience in now, so when it comes and it will come, you are opportuned and equipped to grab on wholeheartedly.

Seriously think about this. It will change your life.

This text is in the past
You are reading it in the past
You now understanding it in the past
But while you are still worrying about the first instance of the past, a good many past(s) has passed you by, so how many past(s) can you afford to worry about when you can focus on a future that is not yet your past.
But will still come to pass.
And become the past.

Be inspired….

Hi Keji, my name is XXXXXXXXX. Following my training at Career Insights I have secured a role as Senior Credit Analyst at a leading finance company. I joined CI early this year and was eager to learn and fully utilise this platform.

I quickly completed my e-learning and selected Adeshola as my mentor. She gave me confidence and was always straight up with me. There was no moly coddling. She reviewed my CV and told me “I’m not buying it”, so I went back to the drawing board and came back with a CV worthy of her approval. She told me I was ready to apply, so I started.

The calls were slow to start but they started to flood in. I quit my job to focus on handling the calls, setting up and attending interviews. On my second attempt I got the job. I’m now suffering from 1st world problems of having too many worthy options. I still have several interviews lined up and I’m still getting calls from recruiters.

I think like most things in life you get what you put in. I look forward to being a mentor and passing on the baton, DBT way.

I also look forward to hearing more success stories. God bless you all. Keji please make me anonymous for now until the dust settles.


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