Candidate Secures A Senior PMO Analyst Role With One Of The UK's Big Six Suppliers Of Gas | Feb 2015


How many of you are a big fan of House of Cards?

It’s incredibly good to watch and I highly recommend it. You can watch all episodes back to back without pausing. Actually if you are not like me (single with plenty of time, then you probably can’t do that).

Being evil has never felt so good and I must be honest I am ashamed to say this. That’s the only spoiler I am giving you.

However one quote in this series is a total gem:

“There is no better way to over power a trickle of doubt than a flood of naked truth”

Every single day this week, 1-2 of our candidates have secured PM & BA jobs with Vodafone, Royal Bank of Scotland, Visa, Cheshire East Council, Sphere, Royal Caribbean ltd, Deutsche Bank and now with one of UK’s big six energy suppliers of gas as a Senior PMO Analyst.

Note! Senior not junior.

You want to get your foot in the door?

Don’t bother begging employers to hire you. It’s pitiful. Make them want you so badly, they are literally the ones begging you and increasing your daily rate just to have you on board.

Train with Career Insights, secure your first job (work experience) with our parent company Digital Bananas Technology and then the world belongs to you.

In my opinion, seeing is believing and I strongly recommend you pay us a visit this Saturday at 11am. It’s totally FREE to attend an intro session.

In the mean time lets share this gentleman’s success story with you. He has chosen to remain anonymous at this stage but felt the need to inspire you all to want to be and do better in your careers.

Can you see how our candidates success stories are making up our successes as a company?

The business of adding value and changing lives is good business.

Here is his success story:

The-Big-6_2864163bHi Keji,

Please I would like be to remain anonymous for now. There is good news. I just got a role as a Senior PMO Analyst with one of The Big Six Energy Suppliers in Britain – suppliers of gas and electricity to over 9.6 million homes and businesses in the UK. I am so happy that all the efforts have paid off and the expectations have not been cut off.

I can’t thank you enough Keji for being such a blessing, a motivator, a mentor and an inspiration to me and everyone in DBT in every way. I wish I could tell the story right now of the journey into DBT, how I started getting my hands dirty from writing minutes and reports, got lead roles on projects and later started applying for jobs. I got several heartbreaking “unfortunate-lys” and “I am sorrys…” but I knew that someday my “CONGRATULATIONS” will come from a recruiter with a job offer at the appointed time. I will like share the story of my involvement in projects, the efforts made and the strategies adopted just to encourage and assure others around here. I will have to do that another time.

However, kindly permit me to serve appreciations in the interim. I want to thank in a very special way Caroline Aluko, Adore Shuko, Olyne Mutambisi, Debbie Diabli, Omoh Onafowokan, Sam on the Hill, Tayo Richards, Eyituoyo Pessu, Gifty Beckley, Mary-Shelley Tisanjoh, Ngozi Wakama, Davidson Afambu, Bimbo Adeleke, Ginika Onyaema, Ola Inekuku, Kemi Raji, Toyin Famuyiwa, Tayo Ikharebore, ‘Bus-Bus’ Akinbeye and all those I have not mentioned now. I did not forget you, I have you all in my thoughts and in my prayers.

To the entire DBT family, I thank you all – my being in your midst and working with you all contributed to my skills, knowledge and the experience of which I now speak and the success story of which I now sing. Over and above all, I lavish unquantifiable gratitude on God who has given you Keji with the mandate of “Tellallmyfriends” and has brought us all together as the One Big DBT family. “Deo Gratias”.

My advice to those whose success stories are yet to come, I say, every “NO” you get takes you closer to your expected “YES”. Never ever give up. Efforts my seem fruitless and waiting may seem long and endless but please do not give up. Keep the fire burning, hold on tight, keep getting involved, keep learning, understand the right thing, don’t stop doing it – and YOUR TIME WILL COME.

Thank you all and God bless you. See you at the top.


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