Candidate Secures A Service Management Analyst Role With HSCIC


Good Evening Keji

I have been given a conditional offer for the role of a Service Management Analyst with the HSCIC. The request for reference has been sent to you. Please I would like to remain anonymous for the time being.

I joined Career Insights in March 2014. After my intensive training I took a while before I finally got involved in the CI Mentoring Project (Project 24). The experience was instrumental in helping to land a BA contract which I completed last year. In trying to plot my path I remembered something you said about taking responsibility for what we, as individuals, get from the mentoring scheme and all the resources at CI. I decided I wasn’t entirely ready for another full BA role. Instead I wanted to progress gradually from my current field (IT Service Support) to the Project world (BA/PM). With this in mind I looked for roles which offered such a mix and applied for the Service Management Analyst role with the HSCIC. During the interview I was able to discuss methods of gathering business and service requirements (Questioning, Shadowing, Observation, etc). The panel was very impressed and contacted me at the end of the week to offer the role. Without the opportunity to participate in projects at DBT I wouldn’t have had a clue.

I am truly grateful to Keji and the CI family for all the help that was given to help me in getting this role.

Kind Regards




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