Candidate Secures A System Business Analyst Role With Transport For London


It’s my turn again Keji
I went for a job interview for position of System and Business Analyst on Tuesday, wow what an Interview experience it was! The interview consisted of unseen presentation besides the behavioural and technical interview. I remember telling Olyne after interview that I felt I had been in a battle war. God bless her, she is an asset.
The Organisation HR called good news yesterday. Check this out, she said the interviewers were so impress with my interview they call it exceptional and above all they said they have learnt a lot from me, that a side of the four people interviewed for the same role as me, I came top with a 10 mark difference between me and them.

I joined DBT in March of last year and on the first day, I got the chance to picked to lead team, I work on so many project on both PM and BA (TAMF, HMC2 Oleku, Money train etc.) Those whom I have worked with on various projects will know me as the one who contributed via chats only because my background noise was and is always unbelievable high
I will forever remember your advice to me “On one will chase after you, make it happen for yourself”
DBT rocks and what a pleasure being a part of it
May goodness and mercy follow you always Keji and may you dwell in the presence of the Lord fore Keji.
The good work continues till every BA/PM/QA gets a job



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