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Today someone has a story to tell as is with everyday here at Career Insights.

My Success Story
Before I joined Career Insights in September 2015, I thought one had no business talking business analysis, testing and a great deal of project management, unless you had an IT background. Simple words like ‘Agile’, ‘Scrum’ and acronyms like ‘SDLC’ sounded like NASA codes. When Keji said anyone can do this, I believed him. Nobody ever made rocket science sound so simple. Nobody…except Keji.

My first few weeks after the one week training could be described as ‘playing hide and seek blindfolded in a maze’. I was so confused. What projects do I join? How is it even possible to join more than one project at a time when one meeting lasts from 8pm till midnight? Etc.

I managed to berth my ship with Transcend Campaign. Became a minute taker and then report writer. I was well directed by the likes of Yomi Ajilore, Helen Sinclair, CFine Onukogwu. Amazing guys all. I learnt so much from them and I understood so much about the project and project stages in general. I was on the brink of completely losing my ‘greenness’ when the project was halted.
I later joined Legend. That’s where I lost all my greenness. That bunch were the most motivated and zestful team ever. Names that easily come to mind are Perpetual Iberi, Olugbenga Afolayan, Izi Ethiobhio, Banji Afolabi, and these two outstanding human beings: Remy Ibe and Olabisi Daodu. I joined various roles on this project, not minding if they were BA or PM roles. I applied myself to the best of my ability.

But Legends were no mere mortals. These special beings would meet till 2am sometimes! This was a frequent occurrence and same meeting attendants would be the first to submit their tasks the next day. I learnt the true stuff that legends are made of! My job at the time was becoming more demanding and my young family too could use my time. It was tough and rough balancing these acts.

I had gone through my BA videos and when it was time to choose a mentor, I did a prayer and scrolled through the list. I was ‘led’ to select Gifty. Something about her made me feel we would really get along plus at the time she had few mentees so my quick-witted mind told me she would have more time for me. I chose right.

She went way beyond expectations. Crafting my CV was an art in itself till we came up with a masterpiece of a work worth paying for…literally. I didn’t think I was ready for the market yet but Gifty guided, instructed, encouraged, inspired and kicked my butt out to launch my CV into the market. I did. The result was immediate. Calls overwhelmed my phone. Testament of my killa CV.

I learnt gradually that looking for a job was a job in itself. Applying for jobs through all my devises became a game in itself, you match a job. You click to apply. Tinder.

Then the interviews began. The phone ones first and then face to face. On the night before my first interview, Gifty stayed up with me till 12pm, coaching me like ..wo. She would be dozing off, snap herself back awake and continue from exactly where she stopped. Gifty has various gifts.

About that time I put my name down for some vacancies announced for some new project. I had decided to become hybrid so I could increase my chances for the market and bam! I was made Project Manager of HT-ePay Systems. How programme office and the BA department put together the team I would never know, but my team members are some of the most amazing people I ever met.

Michael, Lilly, Ade, Bethel, Susan, Mina, Monica, Felix, Stella, Chinwe, Mo Aminu, Funmi Aladesoun, Ranti, Mojisola, Daniel. You guys are just all shades of awesomeness! We became jolly good friends easily and some of us have even taken our friendship from the virtual to actual. Also the team members I clashed with in my day to day management business helped me learn the tricky side of stakeholder management.

I learnt every single detail of managing a project from conceptualisation stage. The knowledge I gained from this experience is invaluable. It helped me learn in 4 months what I would have learnt in 2 years. The idea was to become hybrid.

I went for a number of interviews and when I didn’t get the jobs, I used the lessons learnt from the previous one to prepare for the next one. I would read success stories and I would affirm to myself that I would also get to my own bust stop sooner or later.

As a preamble to my success story. My background is law and my area of specialisation is intellectual property. About a month ago, an older friend of mine and co-organiser of an intellectual property meetup group I coordinated in the past contacted me to say she knows a niche recruitment company planning to franchise and needed to achieve some process engineering before then. She told me they were big on intellectual property assets and would love my CV. She gave me a contact to send my CV to.
Soon enough I got a call from them. We talked a lot about IP and franchising and their need for process engineering. Long story short, that conversation made me understand that the company needed a change and transformation analyst/manager. I put myself forward for that hybrid role.

I was invited for an interview in which they brought in an SME and their Head of IT. I don’t know how well I articulated what I saw as their immediate business needs and the work I believed I could do to help them get there, but they were visibly wowed.

I was sent their business plan and was invited to come do a presentation to the MD. I went there with my power point on point. It must have been, because after that I was asked to send them a work plan with all the requirements I may need and a sample contract for them to customise to me. Strange right? Yep. It was just God, no be me.
Long story short. I got an initial six months contract with them with the option to renew. Paying a very non-shabby amount per day. I wrote my own job description. I consulted with a lot of my senior BA friends like Ola, Emmanuel Adenuga and my mentor Gifty for their advice. In the end the company and myself negotiated every clause and term of my contract together till it was signed.

I have to thank Keji Giwa for this amazing platform. Seldom are there business models that are designed in such a way that everybody becomes their brothers’ keeper. It’s the stuff that fellowships are made of. We all become fellows on the same ship and totally help, motivate, teach, encourage each other. It’s a rare if not impossible business model, but we are witnesses of its genius, efficacy and efficiency. DBT WORKS! It’s what I call a Fraternity of Success.

God bless you abundantly Keji. May He continually expand your sphere of influence and your territories until you achieve global domination. Amen.

Thanks to Olusola my ‘deputy’ mentor, Jide, Oludare, Olynne, Foluke, Bunmi Docemo, Marufah, Caroline, Adore, I can’t mention you all. You all honed my skills one way or another. I am so very grateful to you guys.

Every one of us in DBT willing to do the work. Willing to suffer the inconvenience of stealing into their precious family times, staying up late at night, going to work the next day red-eyed, willing to deal with difficult stakeholders, willing to get down and dirty in the DBT fields of success-farming. Such a person will no doubt reap the reward of all that sacrifice with a career so juicy, it’ll turn all the weeping into tears of joy in an instant.
If I can get to my bus stop, you all can get to yours too. You are next.

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