Candidate Secures A Two Agile Based PM Roles With British Council


Did you know that success can be extremely addictive, especially when you hang around people who are successful in their chosen field.

A success story everyday doesn’t just happen because one person wants to be successful in their career, it happens because a group of people come together with one common goal and vision for the future.

They share ideas, learn together, practise what they have learnt and apply it in a real-life collaborative learning environment, correcting their mistakes together and learning from everyone until they perfect their trade.

Iron sharpens iron. Wood and iron can’t put heads together. One will become blunt and the other badly hurt.

When you mix aspiring PM’s and BA’s with successful PM’s and BA’s, what you get is an explosion of success stories worth sharing.

This just came in:

British CouncilFinally got THAT news for you

Last time we chatted I told you I’ve got a few irons in the fire. This week I got 2 offers. One on Monday and 1 today.

First one is a fixed contract with British Council as an Agile Project Manager/Scrum Master

The one today is Product Development Analyst/Scrum Master with Amadeus

Just got off the phone with my recruiter. It was a long process, over 4 months and 4 interviews later boss man


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