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Here is another success story:

Hello Keji, this is to let you know that I have been offered a role in my local council as a Web Developer but in actual sense, the job involves google analytics, consolidation council service using a single sign on protocol and creating a dashboard for users, creating online forms and migrating the council operations from paper to digital. I have given your name and email address for reference and you should be contacted this week. I joined DBT in November 3, 2014 which is a pretty long time. I have been freelancing and never worked in an office environment but have been able to get this role based on experience. One thing I will say to anyone here is this: Nothing beats experience, with experience comes confidence. Know what you want, have a focus and game plan then stick to it. This is not my final stop I believe but just a detour to where I am going.

Will send a full story in due time once I get the unconditional letter.

Please I would love to remain anonymous for now

Thank you


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