Candidate Secures An Assistant Project Manager Role With TFL


image22Hi Keji, as promised here is my success story.

I joined Career insight in November 2015 and completed the weekend classes while I was coming to the end of a contract role. In December I completed the online training and became ready to select a mentor. To be honest I actually selected my mentor by accident lol. The system was playing up that day and I selected by random Rotimi Ige. Initially I was hesitant, wondering if she would make a good mentor or maybe I should call the office to tell them what happened and if I could select another mentor.
But a part of me said, I didn’t make a mistake, maybe she would be the right mentor to guide me to succeed. I wasn’t wrong, Rotimi was great! Always encouraging and supportive throughout, calling to check how things are going etc. In fact, she told me to give myself a target as to when I want to get a job and I did. Three months was my target and on the 3rd month had a few interviews and my 3rd interview, I was offered a contract role as an Assistant Project Manager with TfL which I am due to start.
I joined the Legend Project initially to get a feel of the e-work experience, as I already had practical experience due to my previous jobs. What I actually found very useful was the wealth of resources available on Basecamp, my peers and mentor who were always on hand to share their time and knowledge with me.
I have found this platform to be for both experienced and inexperienced individuals; you just have to use it to the benefit you require to help you succeed in whatever field you are in or want to to get into. Give yourself a target and work towards it, it may not happen the first time but be persistent and don’t give up, you will surely get there.

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