Candidate Secures BA Role at Healthcare software development firm in UK

Business analysis work experience

“Hi Keji, i’ve just been offered a BA role within an healthcare management software development company.

I joined DBT 14th November 2015 because i’d wanted to become a BA, coming from a web development background, all of this wasn’t new to me, but i still needed hands on work experience as a BA. The one week intensive training with Caroline Aluko and Ayo Nunu was very fantastic, and I wasted no time in joining projects and getting my hands dirty, starting off with minutes taking and then working my way up.

I got my CV reviewed after a few months and started applying for jobs, attended a few interviews but didn’t get that news that i wanted. Started to get frustrated and I remember telling you out of frustration a few weeks ago Keji that two days in a row, recruitment agencies told me that they wanted nothing to do with any CV that has DBT listed on it and you advised me to continue to work hard and apply and sell my self.

I appiied for this role on the 13th october to be precise, did a telephone interview the next day with the company and I was invited to come in for a face to face interview a few days after. It was more like a discussion rather than an interview and realised i caught their attention when I started to talk about the DBT framework and more. A few days later i was invited for a second interview and the rest is history.

Special thanks to my mentor Sandra Iroka, your hardwork, dedication and support is second to none!!! You’ve been a blessing.

Do not give up, continue to work hard, get your hands dirtier, it will pay off eventually.”


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