Candidate Secures BA Role with Guinness using our eWorkexperience Platform

You just have to be inspired reading this!

“Gooooooood my director, I have a good news for you. I got a job offer this morning as BA, please what is the process for referencing. However untill all referencing is complete I will not want it to be announced. Thanks a lot, I have learnet a lot since joining Digital Bananas Technology

Keji, I worked a lot using all the resources available, and making friends with as many people as possible, all these have helped me to achieve my target. Also, I did not restrict myself to BA resources and responsibilities only, I took interest in all responsibilities wether BA, PM, or PMO and did all tests available on the platform. I also have mastered the SWAGILE framework and tried to use all available tools which have helped me as well.

While doing these, I also passed my Scrum Certification

Work harder by participating in projects of your choice, volunteering to take up responsibilities, and collaborate a lot as that will help to expose you to areas you never thought about thereby increasing your knowledge of the profession. All these will help to prepare you for the certification and what is required out there. I had 2 hours of hard grilling interview, and they were very happy with my responses.”
“The job is with Guinness”

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