Candidate Secures BA Role with Largest Automotive Company in UK

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“I got a digital Business Analyst role

Please keep me anonymous on all social platforms.

God has finally done it. To God be all the glory.
I just got an offer as a Digital Business Analyst with the largest automotive company in the UK. It’s been an interesting journey but finally get there. Anytime I read success stories, it encourages me and I will be like if God can do it for them he can do it for me. My philosophy is we are all on a journey and everyone will get off at their Bus stop.

I must say that it was not easy combining the long days & nights of project meetings with family and 24 hrs shift work but it was possible.
Regardless of my shift pattern I rolled in the mud. I join DBT Christmas week 2015 with no knowledge of BA……. so many people I trained with left the race but I refused to leave. I kept on pushing until I breakthrough.
Persistence they said is the key to success. I worked on HT-Focus, XFiles, BMP, Admin diagnostics,CI-Hackers and many others. I attended many interviews without success but I didn’t give up. I just believe it was going to happen when & how is what I don’t know.

I must thank you Keji for this amazing platform. Thank you for answering the call to start this platform that is changing lives. I have learnt alot on this platform and still learning. I have met wonderful people such as Olive my big sis from another mother, Bolaji, Didi, Adeshola,Grace Chaps, Olugbenga, Josiah, Rotimi, Olamide, Adeola, Harry, Tariq, Narissa, Oludare, my sis, Mojisola Hart- Ezekiel.
A big shout out to the knowledge management team. You guys rock…Olukemi,Maranthan, Oby and others.
A big thank you to Caroline Aluko, Femi, BA strategy team you gave me the support and always challenges me.
To everyone, don’t give up, keep pushing, keep learning get your hands dirty and learn on this platform. Delay is not denial.
Your success stories will surely come.”


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