Candidate Secures A Business Analyst Role With London Business School


Imagine this was your story….

Hi Keji, it’s only been 2 months and yet I’m back with another grand slam. I have secured a Business Analyst role at the prestigious London Business School. With all that rigorous recruitment process because of their brand name, a DBT candidate made it through Keji, and moreso being allowed to start work even without references. I endured the 3-stage interview process Keji and I owe it to the practical training that DBT provides. I wish people could take it seriously because it’s just a world apart from the rest.

Please let everyone know that this programme works wonders especially for those who are eager to excel in their endeavours.

Right now l’ve had to deactivate my job bank accounts so l don’t get distracted by recruiters. The other thing is that while others are worried about the DBT name, I’ve actually become an ambassador of it wherever l go. I am proud of it. Once again, a million thanks Keji, I could go on and on but my fervent hope is that this testimony will spark some fire in someone in our eco system.


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