Candidate Secures BA Role with the Council using our eWorkexperience Platform

“Good morning Keji, finally my success story has landed, this is day 3 of my first BA job on a GDPR project and its still like a dream to me. I came across DBT late year on SHpock app and to be frank with you it wasnt quite sure what I was getting myself into, but 1 thing I knew was that I needed a change. I registered for the 7 days free trail and later called the office to make part payment towards the end of last year. I was finally able to come up with the balance february 2017 and started with DBT. I have done traninngs in the past Keji and spent a lot of money, I have had seasions with friends and read a lot of materials, but nothing really made sence until I Joined DBT. I have been in and out of the platform trying really hard to balance family life and training, well I decided it was time I started going for interviews and I travel tire, yet no success. Then this GDPR saga started and I dived into it Boss, I merged DBT framework with my current case handling role and went for this interview. it only lasted for about 15 minutes and I remember listening to one of the interview prep videos on my way there. to cut the long story short I got called the next day that I have been offered the JOB. Keji I have not put DBT on my CV but my story would not have been possible if I didnt join this platform. I intend to remain here and Grow my knowledge and when am ready go for senior roles with DBT. Thank you Keji for making this platform available to us, you are changing LIfes of many people for the best and God continue to bless you. One thing I always said is I DONT kNOW HOW IT WILL HAPPEN, BUT I KNOW IT WILL, AND FINNALLY IT DID…”


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