Candidate Secures Business Analyst Role in London

practical work experience

Hi Keji,
Please keep me anonymous.
My name is XXXXXXXX. My time has finally come. It still feels like I am day dreaming… God is ever faithful. I have read a lot of success stories and was beginning to worry… mine is taking too long. God surprised me today.

I learnt of DBT last year but became active on the platform April this year. My first management role was on the BOT FAQ Project. I contacted Morufah Alao for another role on Eagle Eye project because I felt the need to intensify my learning so that a get my success story on time. I got my hands dirty and rolled in the mud. I put in all my best in ensuring I learn from projects like, FBN App, BMP, Hackers , Digiafric to mention a few.
My mentor Jide Adeoye had a 1-2-1 mentoring session on my CV and gave me the secrets/tips to attract calls because I told him of my frustration that I was not receiving calls. Behold, I started receiving close to ten calls in a day. Did a few interviews and prepared so much for them but when this opportunity came, THE SMART ONE just sent a message on his telegram mentoring group for anyone who is interested in a BA role in London to pm him. I told him I was interested and within 48 hours I was shortlisted for an interview. The rest is history…….

I cannot but thank Momma Hawk for her encouragement, Kayode and MJ for the wealth of knowledge shared.

Very special thanks goes to my eagle eye bosses, OluD – Oludare Olorunfemi who never got tired of encouraging me and ensuring me that my time will come soon, shared a lot of tips with me and prayed. How can I thank you enough, THE SMART ONE – Jide Adeoye, countless sessions in going through JD at short notice before my interview and discussing likely interview questions and approach to answering them. Called Jide few minutes to one of my interviews and he was there for me. May God continue to strengthen you. Don Babs Muse, your support is greatly appreciated. I cant thank you guys enough.

KEJI , CAROLINE and ADORE, all our success stories are happening because of the opportunity you are giving us to learn. It really does work for those that are willing to roll in the mud. Indeed, Iron sharpens Iron and I have benefitted a lot from the experts and the skilled on DBT platform, the likes of, Bunmi D, Doye, Banks, Ola, David T, Vijay, Banks, Karo, Prof Adewale to mention a few…
God Bless You All.

DBT works, DBT rocks, set your goals and put in all it takes to achieve it.
DBT platform is priceless…”


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