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“Keji, here’s my success story. You’ll have to indulge me because this might be the longest you’ll ever read but I believe it will encourage many on the platform. I would like to start off by thanking God for everything. Thanks to my hubby, my rock who watched me work tirelessly into the early hours of the morning (on the BMP Project) without complaining. He saw the passion and drive. He is now a DBT evangelist selling DBT to everyone. He has learnt Swimlane which he refers to as ‘Streamlane’ and on Sundays would ask if I have a Scrum meeting. LOL. I thank my family for all the support.

Keji, I don’t think you realise the extent to which God has used you, an able and willing vessel to revolutionise the lives of people. You ran with the vision and you will be rewarded for your labour of love. You will soar to greater heights and God will not only meet, but surpass your expectations. I mean this from the bottom of my heart. I am a living testimony to the fact that this platform works. My journey started in Dec 2015, I was at that point where I needed a career change.

My sister, Olive Iluyomade who hadn’t joined the platform at the time mentioned Business Analysis and Career Insights to me. She had watched a few of your sessions. Ibwas reluctant because I wasn’t IT savvy. I started googling Business Analyst roles for Optometrists but nothing came up. I decided after a lot of prodding to call the office. I spoke to Ibiye, a great marketer I must say. She allayed all the fears I had of being technically challenged and invited me to an introductory talk you were giving.

I attended and was bought over when I heard you speak. I paid the initial deposit and started the 5 day training. I mentioned to Ibiye during my training that I wanted to get actively involved in projects and she introduced me to Femi Adedoyin who gave me my first role on day 3 of my training – Project Coordinator with ES- Web Revamp. I ended up also as the BA Lead on this project under the able PM ship of Kem Okupa. Kem, Irene and Joba it was great working with you. After my video watching, I chose Olyne as a mentor. I got really immersed in the mud. I was deputy checkpoint report lead for BMP under my lead Olushola Agun who took me through report writing. I was also deputy BA tech lead for BMP.

Under Bola Faj my PM. It was great working with the team- Akinola, Olayinka, Joan, Elizabeth to mention a few. I was also BA deputy Business Lead for Dressence. Great team as well. I started applying by early April 2016. It took a while before I got my first interview. I had a good feedback. I was a close second and the company stated that they wished they had a second role for me. I interviewed a couple of times after with no success.

I met 2 angels on the platform by the names of Modupe Yusuf and Sandra Iroka. They tirelessly, painstakingly and sacrificially met my every need. They prepped me so well for interviews and here I am today. God bless you both. I can’ t forget Karo, Chindah, Yinka Fuwa, and Chinazo for all your help. Funnily the job i landed is with the first company i interviewed with. I applied for the role, called up the recruiter to say I had interviewed before and he put me forward again. I got an instant telephone interview with the head of digital and a BA. After the interview, they contacted the recruiter to say they liked me and wanted me to interview again that same day with a product owner and a designer. I had another telephone interview. Sadly, i was rejected. Everyone liked me but the designer wasn’ t too sure about me.

I have never seen a Recruiter push like my recruiter did. The company didn’t budge and asked him to send them more candidates. He did and after a few days he got back to me to say they wanted to find out if I was still available. I went in for a face to face interview and it’s all history. They got back to the recruiter saying “we will make your day and give Carol the offer. We can’t believe it, you were right about her”.

My advice: The wealthbof knowledge on this platform is mind boggling. Please use all resources. Immerse yourselves in the mud. Ask questions, people are willing to help. Finally follow up your applications with a call to the recruiter if their numbers have been indicated. Work hard and believe me your time will come. I told you it would be long Keji. Finally take a cue from ES Web Revamp organise a meet up so you can put a face to people you’ve worked with for months. We met up last month. See our pic below.”


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