Candidate Secures Business Analyst Roles From Top Companies


A quick Success Story
I would want remain anonymous for personal reasons. I would start by thanking you for the knowledge and confidence you impacted when I was at Digital Bananas. I am not the only one who has benefited from your hard work and I believe many more to come will also have the opportunity to learn under you. I have worked as a BA for Fin-tech, Banks and Huge IT Consulting companies all thanks to the initial impact of knowledge, training and working environment at Digital Bananas. The foundation is strong at Digital Bananas for those who are serious and get involve. Looking back, three key things will make anyone’s time at Digital Bananas worthwhile:
The exposure to the tool set, applications and work environment at Digital Bananas
Networking with like minded people who are hungry for success
You Keji (experienced in what you do and understands the demands on the market)

I hope this will inspire somebody to seriously get involved at Digital Bananas

Many thanks


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