Candidate Secures Business Support Coordinator Role with NHS

eWorkexperience Success Story

“Morning Keji,

I secured a Business Support Coordinator role recently but I was waiting for the checks to be cleared before sending my success story. Please I’d like to be anonymous. Here is my story below.

Hello Boss,

Please I want to be anonymous. I would like to inform you that I recently received an offer for a role in one of the NHS Trusts. It took several months before I started applying for roles after joining this platform. I worked on various projects including CI – The Matrix 2, The Oscars, Phantom, Transcend, CI – Transformers, CI – Hackers etc and took up PM related roles and both BA and QA lead roles. I completed my one week intensive training in London and I can clearly recall being a bit apprehensive after the training as I wasn’t sure how I was going to get on to the live projects but I was relieved of my worries once I started calling into project meetings and taking up tasks. I was extremely delighted when I was appointed to my very first role as a Checkpoint report deputy.

Subsequently, I took up more challenging lead roles which encouraged me to work more on my confidence. These roles also helped improve my work ethic as I was determined to juggle them with my job outside of DBT. I’m glad I was also able to apply my experiences working on projects at DBT while answering some of the scenario questions that I was asked during my interview. I had some unsuccessful interviews prior to securing this role but I made use of the feedbacks that I received and continued to hone my interview skills. I also continued to improve my knowledge by networking, watching and rewatching tons of videos on the eworkexperience platform and utilising a great deal of resources on basecamp, confluence including resources from my mentor Adeshola who has been very encouraging and supportive of me. Thank you Mama Hawk and everyone that collaborated with me.

Keji all necessary checks have been completed so you will not be contacted on this occasion. Thank you Keji for this amazing platform brimming with life changing tools, wealth of information and a lot of great minds. I’m thrilled to be a part of this fabulous network. May God continue to elevate you.”


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