Candidate Secures Business Transformation Role with NHS Trusts Body

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Good evening Keji,
So my first stop since I got on this journey with the DBT/CI train has come. There’ll be more. I know!

So I hopped on the DBT train in December last year. I attended an intensive one week training and wondered what my route was going to be. So I decided to go hybrid which has paid off.

A few weeks ago, I applied for a business transformation role (PM, BA, some change management stuff) with a large NHS body that houses many other trusts.

They have different projects coming up and need people to work on them.
So I applied and got shortlisted for an interview. I will get the chance to apply all the knowledge, experience and skills I have learned at DBT to numerous projects. They have quite a variety of commissions coming up.

I went for the interview last week and the first question was to talk them through the type of projects I have worked on. I started with HT-FOCUS, the coolest project and and team and ran through CIA Sherlock, hunger games, FAQ….

I remember one of the interviewers saying
WOW! You’ve been busy! At the end they seemed quite impressed.

The whole interview lasted about half an hour an and me being very critical about my work, I said to myself, I’m not sure I answered correctly! So I lot everything in God’s hands.

But late this afternoon, I got a call from the hiring manager who interviewed me and said they would like to take me on board. I couldn’t hide my excitement.

I give God all the praise for this because I couldn’t have gotten here without him.

Thank you immensely too for this platform. The reason you won’t be stranded is because you have created something that helps people find direction in areas that they might have been stuck. Even your children will have be able to lay hold on the seeds you have sown.

I want to thank everyone I have worked with on various projects, Nkechi Ordor, Olive Iluyomade, Bunmi Docemo, Abay Kassim, Hammed Sule, Bankole Dada, Oyeyemi Oyelami, Marufah Alao, Emma Palmer, Obinna Ihenacho, Kenny Agoro, Chineye Joseph. I celebrate all of you. Let me stop here or it will be too long to read.

They’ll be contacting you for a reference soon. Thank you Mr Giwa.”


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