Candidate Secures Contract Role as Scrum Master 6 Months after Joining eWorkexperience


This candidate bagged a £350 per day contract job! It only gets better with Career Insights!


“Hi Keji,

Success story oh….I just got offered a contract role as a scrum master paying a daily rate of £350 per day.

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I joined career insights on the 29th of March 2016 and I must say I had an eye opening time with Caroline (she is a fantastic trainer with deep insight on the subject matter), also was blessed to have you take us through some very insightful topics…I finished the training that Friday with a clearly defined goal…get my hands dirty, get experience, get knowledge and get my success story asap ( I had done my as is vs to be and I knew what I knew, didn’t know and what I had to do).

My first goal was to get unto a project…I joined the on boarding session right on my way home….I immediately joined Headhunters, then I set out finish watching the must watch videos, spent some long nights and early mornings but it was well worth it….learnt a lot from the videos. Work started in Headhunters, I took up the role as a minute taker, minute lead and eventually deputy project manager, I also got the opportunity to be the BA business lead on the Eagle Eye project….I was swimming in the mud (that was the Plan), I got myself a mentor, Olyne but had to change to Mama Hawk, they have both been fantastic, Olyne has even kept in touch encouraging me from time to time and all….Mama Hawk and her Hawklings,lol…Kayode, Michael and Co have been fantastic..conversations on that group are enough for anyone to smash his/her interview I tell you….

I would like to thank God for his grace and ability….would like to thank you also for this fantastic platform….the resources here are super fantastic….everyone eager to learn, to share, to teach….it’s awesome…. I would also like to thank my Headhunters team mates and my team mates at Eagle Eye….I would also like to thank Olyne for her encouragement in the scrum way….might I also add that I am a certified professional scrum master….and finally I can’t thank Mama Hawk and Kayode enough….the love, care, and prepping for interviews is second to none…

My advise to anyone…the platform works if you work it, get your hands dirty, determine your path, up skill and be passionate…keep facing the flame….your success tory is closer than you think….”



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