Candidate Secures Digital BA Role with Govt Digital Service using our eWorexperience Platform… And it’s her 2nd Role!

“Hi Keji I hope you are well , long time no speak.

Please I must be anonymous o

Even on telegram

Praise be to God for His Mercy and Faithfulness .
I have a new role.
This is the second role since completing my training with DBT in Dec 2014.
Unfortunately I can’t share my name on telegram or other social media as it is a role in the civil service where I will be a digital business analyst in a sensitive department. I am going through security clearance checks now therefore please keep my identity anonymous on all platforms .
On top of my experience in industry , I relied very heavily on the knowledge gained at DBT . It was great to note that the interviewing panel knew about us.
My advice to my fellow candidates is this , there are roles out there , you just need to be confident you have done the work and can give a solid account of that at the interview .
Thank you for this great platform .

It has to be please for now it’s the civil service please . Plus my people in my old company are pissed off I didn’t tell them I was interviewing I don’t want to be out there like that

You can share the company I’ll be working for Government Digital Service.

Very interesting work too.”


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