Candidate Secures GDPR BA Role using our eWorkexperience Platform

“Hello Keji, Good Morning.
God is indeed wonderful. Please keep me anonymous on all Social Media platforms. I give God all the Glory. God blessed me with a wonderful new job in September , I start today. A GDPR BA role (Contract). My first BA role. This not the practice Success Story’s This is the real McCoy. I used to practice writing my success story, and some of them actually got sent by mistake haha lool…
It’s with a Global Finance company. It’s really a dream come true for me. For the first time in my life I am working in a role that I could only dream of, getting paid what I could only dream of. How? Where? Me !! I am still in shock!! I thank God for this platform and the visionary behind this platform, and all the people who give sacrificially to make it work.
You may be wondering why I am talking like this it’s because you don’t know my story. The first time I met Keji in the 5 day class I asked him a question “Can someone who is nearly 50yrs old get this kind of job you keep advertising on your website, because the people I see are all young” and he said “Our oldest candidate success story is 59 yrs old.” I was able to use this age thing to my advantage that I work in an environment where the majority are in their 20’s 30’s and 40’s. I talked about Digital Transformation and Digital Marketing, Data Analytics and Big Data, Optimising CRM and about all the exciting things we do at DBT combining them with GDPR and how to come about solutions to the challenges they were facing. They could see that I was clued up haha lol. I learnt it all at DBT. They were impressed. The interview was really like having a conversation and I was surprised how interested they were, when they talked about challenges they were facing and I offered solutions that we had as a result of what I have learned here at DBT. I got the call that I had got the role within 40 mins of the interview. Amazing God!!
I joined DBT about April 2015 but left after 3 months, I was discouraged after all the projects that I joined were halted one after the other. I concluded that this whole thing doesn’t work.
I came back again in July 2016 after one of my 5 day classmates got a role and told me 4 others in my class had got roles.
I was now determined that DBT works, I determined to stick it through and work hard no matter what.
I joined DMI in October, led the Persona and Customer Journey mapping, questionnaires and survey for the Digital Transformation project. I in December I worked on DX – Data Centre. In March I joined DX GDPR. Challenging and very interesting.
I really want to thank everyone who has helped and encouraged me along this journey.
Keji thank you ever so much for this wonderful platform and I thank God for this wonderful vision that transforms peoples and families lives. I’ve got grown children and it was good for them to see the result of hard work they are so proud of me. All of them must come DBT hahaha lol. Seriously I mean it. Keji thank you for the many prophecies, words of inspiration and wisdom I believed all of them and I would always hold on to God’s promises, Keji’s words of inspiration and all the success stories and all the various contributions. These helped me to remain strong at some very low points. I haven’t worked at all since December 2016 so you can Imagine. Please never withhold a success story they are so important to so many people.
I want to thank Wale Omolere our SME. God bless you real good I can never thank you enough always ready to answer all my questions. Wale prepped me for interviews morning afternoon night, he always encouraged and supported me.
Thank you to Ola E my mentor plus mentor. I learnt so much, sometimes you just think you know so much I kid you not it was worth the investment.
My number 1 Oga, Harry my GDPR mentor. What can I say, Harry. Harry doesn’t talk too much but he told me 2 very important things. I saw the difference the first interview I did afterwards I got the job. Wale and Harry always had time to answer my questions anytime of the day.
I wanted to say thank you to Oludare, Oyinua and Adore. I’ve learnt so much from you, every area you would challenge me to look into I took them onboard, and worked on them. These really helped me at interviews.
Thank you to all my DX GDPR team members, Francis, Ade, Chuks, Grace, Yvonne, Ololade, Olutola, Douglas and all the team.
To Olive, Nkechi O, Essie, Mandona, Emmanuel Alo Joyce Luutu, Thanks so much for your consistent encouragement and support.
To Francis P for consistently pushing and pushing me every day to excel God will reward you with your own success story very soon.
My advice pls don’t give up, surround yourself with hungry people, positive people, hardworking people. Please get a mentor. It was only when I humbled myself and got a Mentor plus mentor and Domain specific mentor that I was able to get the extra help I needed to crossover and succeed. Harry’s advice helped me corrct what I had been doing wrong 4 months of interviewing. Ola E literally held my hand and taught me Digital transformation, combined with Digital Marketing and salesforce CRM. I was able apply GDPR to challenges they were talking about and come up with solutions. Companies just want people who can apply GDPR not just textbook answers when one recruiter told me 300 ppl were applying for the same role I knew I needed the extra help to stand out above the rest. Before that I just thought I didn’t need a mentor even though I qualified for one since April. Where else could I have learnt all this only here at DBT. Get your hands dirty as much as possible. Find something you enjoy it is easier to get involved in a project if you enjoy what you are doing. Pray Pray Pray and believe, hold on and don’t get distracted.
May God bless this wonderful platform with loads of success Stories. Keji may God expand your Vision to all corners of the Globe. I really hope my story inspires someone thanks so much God bless!!!”


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