Candidate Secures IT Project Manager Role with Government Parastatal

Candidate Secures IT Project Manager Role

This is what a happy candidate earning up to £550 a day as a PM or BA sounds like:


“Hi Keji,

Thank God I’ve finally achieved my success story! I’ve been offered an IT Project Manager role with a major government organisation. I still can’t believe it. I am in total awe of God right now

What makes my success story even more amazing is that I got offered the job in the same week that my very close church/DBT buddies, sisters and prayer warriors Olabisi Daodu and Ranti Oyedeji got theirs. This can only be God’s doing.

I completed my training in Feb 2015 and was on maternity leave, so I knew I was going to be there for a while. I wasn’t one of those that wanted to get a job within 12 weeks. I was happy to take my time and learn, however I set my self a deadline!

The first project I worked on was Skyfall. Huge thanks to Deji Sennuga who became my planning mentor, he taught me all I know on planning. Myself and the likes of Brenda Jane- Nakato and Adesewa had mentoring sessions with Deji every Saturday morning. I became an expert on He gave me the confidence to apply for my first role at DBT as a Lead Planner on the Tech Phoenix 2 project. I learned a lot on this project but most importantly, became a lot more confident and developed very good communication and stakeholder management skills (key soft skills required in the job market today). I was able to manage a team of people who were hungry to learn about planning along with my fantastic Deputy Lead Planner Josiah Famurewa. I was so determined and sacrificed five months to successfully complete the project. This was very challenging for me, especially with having 3 small children. I did not miss one planning meeting! I had a mission to learn and knew that the sacrifices would lead to my success story (thank God).

Thanks to the Tech Phoenix 2 project I worked with some very skilled and beautiful people like Adeshola Cole (aka Mama Hawk and a great friend too), Isaac Onoh, Josiah Famurewa, Ranti Oyedeji, Sandra Iroka, Funmi Ayorinde, Mike Osunsina, Olabunmi Bakare, Seyi Ashaolu and not forgetting the rest of the Hawk family. Thanks to this lovely team I won Best Lead Planner at the DBT Awards 2015. I am so grateful. Thank you!!

I then worked on the iPlanner project which got halted. I then worked on the CI – Hackers project where I met some beautifully minded people. I learnt a lot from Olamide Adebule (best 2016 PM to date) and SME on IT Infrastructure Babs Muse (a key project I used in my interview). A special thanks to Olabisi Daodu for constantly encouraging and praying for me (CI – Hackers PMO Lead/Minutes Mentor) and ensuring that I sharpen my minute taking skills and also Bolaji Adewale for being so supportive. The professionalism and expertise on this project was mind blowing. I learned so much on IT Infrastructure I was confident enough to use in my interview. Thanks to Babs who took me through it step by step. I’m very grateful! Thank you to all the rest of the CI – Hackers team for adding so much life to the project, Comfort Ayedun, Yemisi Olukoya, Adewale Ajayi and the rest.

Thanks to Brenda Jane Nakato (my planning buddy) who then encouraged me to work in Programme Office which I am very grateful for. I was was very keen and learned a lot from Marufah Alao, Remigius Ibe, Olayinka Cline-Thomas, Abigail Raphael-Owolabi, Sandra E Malanda and the rest of the PO team. Kenneth Nwokocha (my PO buddy) thank you for your endless support.

Thank you for your support Mandy Folashade Oriyomi, Kola Olalekan, Samuel Oluwatoki, Ella Osei, Olabunmi Bakare, Ayodeji Akiwowo, Bukky Tomisin, Tina Adedeji Osanupin and Moses Oyedeji. You all rock.

Special thanks to Adeshola Cole who was my mentor. She has been nothing but amazing throughout my journey. She had so much faith in me became more of a sister and friend. She went all out for me and her mentees and was selfless with the resources she provided. She prepped me for interviews as though she was the one going for the job!
Isaac Onoh was also very encouraging throughout my DBT journey and would take his time to go through job
descriptions. We’d study together on various PM topics HE was just amazing. Likewise Sandra Iroka was a superstar when it came to taking me through the BA side of things.

I started my job search in January 2016, I had some interviews and got to second stage a few times. I made sure I got feedback from jobs I didn’t secure and saw it as a learning curve. I mastered areas I knew I had to improve on based on the feedback I got and just felt closer with each interview. When I got the interview for the job I secured I knew this was the one for me. There were 4 interview panelists, I went for it and delivered! At the end of the interview one of the main panelists said ‘thank you for coming so well prepared’. She then walked me out and said thank you for showing so much enthusiasm. I cannot but thank Kayode Omotayo for the sessions I had with him. He broke down my job description and made me do role play with so much enthusiasm and that’s how I delivered in the interview.

Special thanks to Ranti Oyedeji for constantly encouraging me throughout my DBT journey. Every night leading up to our interviews we did role play sessions and practised answering every kind of project management question until we were satisfied. We mastered all our projects and scenarios and just kept practising. That week the sessions I had with Adeshola Cole, Kayode Omotayo, Godswill Arum (my Prayer Warrior) and Babs Muse (my SME) were priceless. Most certainly led me towards securing the job. I’m so grateful.

Thank you Keji for this fantastic platform and the opportunity to learn. It really does work for those willing to work for it! As you always say iron sharpens iron. I certainly glued myself to those with expertise and perfected my skills.To newbies on this platform I would encourage you to do the same., Set yourself a deadline, get your hands dirty, learn from extremely skilled members on the platform, know your projects inside out and practice interview questions and answers. Master using all the tools. It’ll pay off guaranteed.With God anything is possible


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