Candidate Secures Junior BA Role using our eWorkexperience Platform

“Hi Keji, I just got offered a job!!
I went for an interview yesterday

It lasted literally 30mins, it was more of a conversation. I explained the framework and they were the ones taking notes! They were won over by it

Its a junior business analyst role

This is my testimony of Gods goodness in my life! So I started dbt sept 2015 and joined the bank my pals project that had just begun. I was deputy BA for the project then went on to be lead BA. A few months after I had to leave the role and platform as I was pregnant and with it came tiredness and all sorts. Fast forward to March/ April 2017 I joined again got my hands dirty with imentor / Fbn app2, dx mobile, and digital academy. At times I just listened in to meetings and made notes or I would complete a task going. I started to apply for jobs in June on and off. I have had 2 interviews which really helped in preparing my for this one.
I attended an interview yesterday which was more like a chat with 2 senior staff members. I got to show them the dbt frameworks wagile and SaFe wagile, to which the interviewer started taking notes! They were blown away by it! I can’t say I answered all the questions fully, as one of the interviewers was the one even finishing off my answers on 2 occasions! That was Gods grace! They even started talking to me about their future projects they had in the pipeline! In less than 24hrs they have called to say they want me to start asap!!!

Thank you Keji for this platform!! It works and will continue to work!! Thank you to everyone one the platform that I have had the pleasure of working with! Thanks to Margaret my good friend that kept me going when I felt like throwing in the towel!

My advice to everyone on the platform is to keep busy! Just know that your time is coming!! Gods timing is the best!”


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