Candidate Secures Permanent Role as Digital Project Manager with Multinational Firm


“I joined DBT in May 2016 attending the Manchester training over 4 weekends anchored by Adeshola Cole. By my 3rd weekend I was confident about my prospects of achieving a desired career change.
I joined projects such as DigiAfric – Dispatcher (took minutes and carried out feasibility studies), BMP – In House (wrote test cases and carried out testing of the App) and CIA – Sherlock CI where I have been RAIDs Lead, Deputy QA Lead and currently QA Lead. I also gate crashed other project meetings and if I hear someone talking about an area of interest or working on a task I send private messages to ask to work with them. I sent private messages to more experienced people on the ecosystem for coaching on different things such as report writing, use of collaborations tools, wireframing, JIRA, project planning amongst other work streams cutting across BA and PM. I also put to good use the wide range of resources on the eWorkexperience platform. I downloaded documents on Basecamp, read them and asked questions. To enhance my confidence in those things I learnt I started putting myself forward to anchor meetings, embraced the knowledge sharing philosophy already available and I soon found myself delivering sessions, which I found really humbling.
Make the best use of the wonderful people in DBT. I have never been turned down by anyone. I must apologise that I won’t mention specific names here for fear of offending anyone, however, I have dropped individual/group messages to all who have supported me to express my deep and sincere gratitude. An exception though goes to Adeshola Cole my class teacher and mentor. Well done Lady A and thank you.
It is natural that you will receive emails rejecting your applications please don’t let that deter you. You just have to believe in yourself, don’t waste time with the past, focus on what’s ahead. On my count I have applied for about 50 jobs and placed my CV on some websites. I got 3 interviews, about 4 Head-hunter conversations. Result: 1 job secured and at least one other in the pipeline.
I actually started writing my success story on 4 July 2016 a day to my first interview since joining DBT. I attended two other interviews since. So please start writing your success stories as that could be an extra motivation to your end goal. Your success story is your own project so give it your own mandate and just go all out to make it happen.#hardworkhumilitypatiencebelieve
Oh before I forget the job I secured is a permanent role as Digital Project Manager with a multinational going through digital transformation.
Keji thanks for the platform.
I wish everyone all the best. It can happen. It will happen…”


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