Candidate Secures A Planning And Reporting Coordinator Role With NHS. She Was Head Hunted


Two job offers with the NHS. All DBT candidates.

One of them didn’t apply, she was head hunted!



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Hello Keji, my name is XXXXXX, I will like to inform you that I just secure a Project Support role with NHS. Thank God for you and all the teams at DBT for the great knowledge impacted.

I joined DBT in June 2015 and I immediately joined couple of projects, which improved my skills.

I also utilised all available resource provide by DBT, the online resource(training Manual, videos and question & answer) helped me to lean more.

May God continue to reward you. Thank you!

Good evening Keji

I just got a role with NHS England as Planning and Reporting coordinator

Please I will like to remain anonymous

Rotimi Ige is my mentor

I joined DBT Saturday weekend session in November on the 2nd week because I got the start the wrong🙈 after the training, I completed all the online test and watched all the videos and then joined project legend and started getting my hands dirty in issue report, minute taking, highlight report, legend planners and coordinator group let’s just say I was in getting involved with every tasks and learning. Although I had an NHS background i wanted to go into banking but Rotimi Ige advised that I stick to my NHS area because NHS always have project joins

I started applying but I never got any calls then I spoke to Rotimi about, she kept on encouraging me and then the calls started coming and I got three interviews for three different jobs one a permanent PMO role with GSMA, Project Support for London Overground and Planner and reporting officer for NHS ENgland. The first interview was the NHS England and I got it

They were impressed with my project management knowledge

Thanks to you, Rotimi Ige and the whole legend project team

I will be making noise to everyone I know to join DBT it’s really worth the money spent

Before I forget I didn’t apply for the job, I was headhunted

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