Candidate Secures PM Role 3 Months after Joining our eWorkexperience platform

practical work experience

“So this is my success story. Prior to the course I recently graduated from university and had a part time role as a postman.I started the training program the first week of august 2016. I left the first session which such a conviction and enthusiasm that I joined the project and watched as many eworkexperience videos as I could. Through the independent learning process, I volunteered to take minutes and anchor meeting and create reports. Soon the vacancy came up in the Debt Management Office project and I immediately applied. I was very excited about the role and I felt as if my success story was close, Ruth Mateola who was the PM was a good influence and gave drive to the team and I hugely commend her for that and for giving me confidence. I would also like to say a big thank you to Tariq Igho and Iyabo Okwuraiwe for being a great mentors who I learnt a lot from especially the skill of being proactive. Also, I reached out to Hamza who aided me the direction I should follow to become a successful PM. As soon as I felt I had the right knowledge obtained I applied for roles. During my applications whenever I heard a ‘no’ from an employer I immediately turned to increase my knowledge and keep learning I made sure to never lose my motivation and soon I landed my very own PM role. This is an amazing platform which can be utilised to increase your success in the future. Please Keji can you keep me anonymous and I want to give advice to everyone on the platform. PLEASE PLEASE follow protocol and don’t forget to follow everything step by step.

I have not been updating basecamp with every task that I was doing because I was either too busy as I had a night cleaning job or I simply forgot. So I humbly request that I receive a reference for you and I hope you can help with this job offer. I want to stress to everyone again PLEASE FOLLOW THE PROTOCOL. Thank you Keji anyway for the platform and skills and experience for me to even recieve a job offer. God Bless.”


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