Candidate Secures PMO Analyst Role 6 months after joining eWorkexperience

PMO analyst eWorkexperience Success story

“My Success story ..
I joined DBT on the 30th May 2016. At that time I had come to a point where i needed a CHANGE in my career. I had seen the DBT ads on social media and made a few enquiries about the company . Some discouraged me while a few advised me to give DBT a go . Thank God I listened to the voices of reason!
During the 4 weekend intensive training , I took the pesronality test . The result suggested that I was more of a PMO analyst so i decided to get my hands dirty to achieve this. I joined DigiAfric- WAMCO project as the Lesson log lead and BOT- FAQ Support Centre as the deputy minutes lead . I had my eyes on the programme office so i joined the resource pool taking on adhoc tasks for the PO and subsequently got a PMO analyst role in the PO.
I watched the PM videos and kept particpating in projects till September when i decided to start applying for roles. I got frustrated after making several applications without a phone call or interview .I chose Adeshola as my mentor at first and then Jide- The smart one. I cant thank him enough! He “revamped ” my CV and I started getting calls like I was a contact centre . At some point I let all the calls go to voicemail and chose the ones I responded to .
Jide prepared me for my first interview and though i didnt get the role, we worked on the feedback i was given . Then came last week , I had 4 confirmed interviews in 3days and turned down 1 of them. Of the 3 I attended i got offers for 2 of them today and am waiting for a date for the 2nd stage of the 3rd .
I’d like to say a Massive Thank you first of all to God for His faithfulness , My husband for being there , paying for my training and believing in me, my son for his cooperation at meeting times. Thank you WAMCO , BOT -FAQ and Programme Office families, really glad to be part of this platform at this time. It can only get better !Everyone i have come accross has been amazing! See you at the top.
And Finally , thank you Keji for this platform, the wealth of knowledge here is second to none . God bless you! #DBTstrongertogether


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