Candidate Secures PMO Role Using our eWorkexperience Platform

“Hello Keji. This is XXXXXXX. Hope you are doing great. I have secured an offer from a major government department subject to checks. Please What is your contact to provide to them for reference.

No problem keji. This is XXXXXXXXXXX , I was PMO a few years – in the days of Phoenix project and TAMF. I have been at Dbt a while.I’m actually on the Big Data training presently.

PMO role at a government department in London. My recommendation to candidates is see DBT as more than a platform to learn. It’s a gateway to ones career aspirations. So, take advantage of all the opportunities to better yourself. It may seem tough all the way but never give up because when the time is right the experience and exposure will pay off.

I have been involved at DBT since 2012 and even after securing my last contract I kept in touch. I am currently on the Big Data training so I am still bettering my self.”


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